Andy Chan



Andy Chan is the hero in Teddy Boy. Against the underworld backdrop, the comic is a faithful reflection of all walks of life through the happenings and fates of its characters.

Andy in particular, was once a heroic youngster but is mellowing as he coming to the middle age like any other man.


Comic Artist - Man Kai-ming

When Man Kai Ming started to work in comic field at the age of 13, the comic industry was blooming. He worked for many comic production companies, including newspapers Kwong Pao, Hei Pao, Ching Pao & Kam Pao.

After years of experience he started his own publishing house in 1992 and officially released its debut title Teddy Boy. Like no others, Teddy Boy changed to be issued every 3 days in 2003. The practice continued on today and now it’s published 1500 issues.