Cuson, also known as Uncle Weird, is a middle-aged indoorsy guy, yet a slave for cats and his wife. He is extremely pessimistic, quiet, introverted, smileless, weak-minded, arrogant, self-abased, self-love, and he resists any warm and romantic scenes. He is a man who spreads negative energy everywhere. 

Comic Artist - Cuson Lo

Cuson Lo is a Hong Kong popular illustrator and comic artist, who announced his works on online platforms such as his personal blog and Facebook page, which has gained him much popularity on the Internet. Meanwhile, Lo is a comic artist for the newspaper am730, while he also publishes comics in installments on various media. 
During the Hong Kong Chief Executive election, his comic work of the candidate Henry Tang Ying-yen looking to the glass ceiling from the illegal basement of his residence aroused a wave of laughter in the tense political atmosphere. At first Lo drew political comics just for fun, but as his works are getting more popular and are often widely shared on the social media, he decided to continue his drawing.