Din-dong, a silly cat is kept by the illustrator, which is full of positive energy and dreams.

It likes to collect surplus resources. Exhibitions featuring Din-dong were showcased in LCX -Hong Kong Harbour City , Olympian City, APM as well as The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Japan.

It has won the 4th Asiagraph - Jury Special Work from Japan and its animation was broadcasted in Nippon Television Network Corporation and the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival.  

Comic Artist - Postgal Workshop

Postgal Workshop is a two-person comic group which Pam Hung is mainly responsible for the content while John Chan for the graphic. The name “Postgal Workshop”is a homonym of“cat flea” in Cantonese.  According to them, people living in the world alike a tiny cat flea when compare with the universe.  The duo received  Hong Kong Arts Development Awards-Awards of best Artists.  Their works were awarded the grand prize in Japan TBS animation competition afterward they were interviewed by The Daily Yomiuri and Din-dong series were published by Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) Company Limited.