God Legion revolved in the Shang and Zhou dynasty in China, when human co-habited with gods on the earth.

The gods were having superior wisdom and strength which human beings were in awed of and obedient to them.

The protagonist of the story is Doggie, an offspring of a human and a god. Disgruntled at the gods’ long-term suppression and ruling to human, he decided to challenge the god’s authority.  

Comic Artist - Cheng Kin-wo

Cheng engaged in comic field in 1992. After working under Kwong's Printing Company Limited and Ocean Creative Company Limited, he left for his individual career. He was the editor in chief of The Legend of Devil Vol. I to III, Jedi Skywalker, Quadra Spirit, Violet Infortune, Valkyria Phoenix, Fire Dragon, Shadow Killer, God Legion and Wild Wolf and Mary.