Liaoyuan Huo

Liaoyuan Huo is the chief of mercenary assassins "Handicapped Warriors".

Being brave and smart, he has taken a thrilling and mysterious task from the Sima clan.

Subsequently he found his goal of life and decided to embark on the warring front. Eventually he became the invincible warrior of the time.  

Comic Artist - Chan Mou

Chan was a former employee of an advertising company in Hong Kong, he entered the comic field in 1996 after winning the sixth Tongli New Comic Artist Award (youth bracket) with his first short comic, Unhuman. In summer 1998, his first offprint, was an instant hit. In 1999, his sci-fi work God Pretender won the Best Art award in the 3rd Asia Manga Summit. In April 2001, he published The Ravages of Time, a breakthrough to conventional literature about the Three Kingdoms Era with a new viewpoint. Setting its perspective and the emphasis on humanitarianism and employing his highly regarded touches make the comic Chan’s own version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Already 11 years since it’s released, the comic is sold in 8 major countries and cities in Asia.