Old Girl

Old girl is a female creature between a girl and woman ever keeping a young mind.

There is no lack of handsome guys around old girl, but they are either married, in a relationship, or gay.

Spicing up her dull life is old girl’s everyday task.

The Old girl’s diary is a collection of Stella So’s self-appeasement and a tribute to her master and favourite cat Ting Ting.  

Comic Artist - Stella So

Stella So was a graduate from the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her final year project, animation Very Fantastic, was winner of the 8th Hong Kong Independent Short Film Competition in 2002 and was invited to a number of film festivals abroad. Presented in a Chinese copybook, the animation based itself on the city’s old districts to induce readers’ reverie and expectation to Hong Kong’s culture. Her recent creation -- the Old girl series was about every bit of life with her favourite cat. Every now and then, the character Old girl would appear in 7-11 convenient stores’ publicity materials.