Q Boy

White Cat Black Cat was created in 2004. The white cat Q Boy is curious about everything and willing to ask (Q for Question). His uncle the black cat Doctor A is an erudite scholar (A for Answer). With their companies, children can learn efficiently and happily by reading the funny comics.  

Comic Artist - Ma Sing-yuen

A renowned local comic artist, he has served as art director and creative director in newspaper and magazines. In the 1990s, he worked full-time as a comic artist and illustrated comic columns in major newspapers covering current affairs, politics, and humour. In 2004, he collaborated with Fong She Mei on the White Cat Black Cat series and in eight years’ time more than 300 books were published. The white cat and black cat are funny and adorable under his pen. The comic not only includes an endless stream of jokes, but more importantly marries humour with knowledge. It is loved by children and recommended by teachers and parents.