A wild child who comes from the forest and lives in the city. He wears green underpants of wild men. He does not like wearing shoes. He can only speak single words but is able to communicate with people by his special facial expression and body language. Therefore, he has friends all over the world including humans, animals and even aliens. Samba has very good appetite and unlimited energy. He only eats, plays and sleeps every day. Thus, he is filled with vitality and positive energy all the time. He loves nature, adventure and his family. He is righteous but likes playing tricks on his elder brother who looks after him every day. He creates laughter in every moment and is a happy child in everybody’s mind. 

Comic Artist - CK Keung

CK Keung studied illustration design and started drawing comics under the influence of Japanese comic artist Akira Toriyama. Since Keung won the Comics Rising Talent Award of Rightman Publishing Ltd, he has been one of the most popular children comic artists in Hong Kong, who published a number of relaxing and amusing comic works under CO-CO!, including The Thirty-Six Stratagems, Samba Amigo, and Samba Family, etc. The Samba series also gained appreciation from publishing houses in China and Singapore, which published the simplified Chinese and English versions of the comics. In 2008, the series even won the Best Children Comics Award of the 4th Golden Dragon Award Original Comic & Animation Competition. In 2015, Keung was invited by Hong Kong Arts Centre to be one of the Hong Kong representatives to participate in the exchange activity at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angoulême in France.