Sau Nga Chun

Sau Nga Chun is the forerunner of today’s typical Hong Kong girls while her age, measurements and star sign are all unknown. Being boastful, greedy, calculating, and lazy, Jean is already unneeded by the society.

Lately she was seen making a living as a parallel goods importer carrying milk formula to the mainland.

For the time moment securing seven meals a day and finding an accommodation have not posed a problem to her.  

Comic Artist - Gum Siu-man

Gum emerged in the comic field when he was 16 as a mentee of Sueng-kun Siu Wai. He joined Jademan Comics at 19 and became primary author at 21. He has worked for publishing houses Jademan Comics, Jonesky Limited, Freeman Holdings Limited, and Culturecom Holdings Limited before setting up his own comic publisher.