Selection of comic characters for figurines and comic artists for handprints is based on five key criteria:

Selection of Display

Public and industry organizations were involved in the nomination and voting process

which determined the list of locally-created comic characters whose figurines are set up

in the Avenue and another list of comic artists whose handprints are installed in the Avenue.

Selection Criteria


Influence in the society

Historical and cultural status

Achievements and awards attained

Market and trends

Nomination and Voting Details

The comic characters whose figurines to be showcased in the Avenue are all household names. 

Being classics, they are well received and recognized by the public and industry alike. 

In early December 2011, the organizer sought nominations for locally-created comic characters and local comic artists from the public and industry organizations,

including the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association, Hong Kong Comics & Animation Federation, the Hong Kong Arts Centre,

the Hong Kong Game Industry Association, and Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Support Centre.

As a result, 145 comic characters and 65 comic artists were nominated by the public, while the industry organizations nominated 36 comic characters and 26 comic artists.


The organizer then shortlisted the 80 comic characters and 71 artists which received most nominations for

public voting and or determination by a Professional Panel for Selection. 

The Panel is formed by industry practitioners who made their choices based on the said five key criteria to finalize the list of 24 comic characters

which have their painted figurines and 10 comic artists who are featured with their bronze handprints in the Avenue starting from August 2012.

Members of the Professional Panel for Selection

Chairman :

Mr. Gabriel Pang

Chairman of Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association

Members :

Mr. Alan Wan

Mr. Gordon Lo

Dr. Eric Liu

Mr. Sze Yan Ngai

Mr. Vincent Yeung

Dr. Ngai Ting Ming

Mr. Ivan Tse

Director of Hong Kong Comics & Animation Federation

Assistant Programme Manager of Hong Kong Arts Centre

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Chairman of Hong Kong Game Industry Association

Manager of the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Support Centre

Secretary-General of the Hong Kong Novelist Association

Manager (Digital Entertainment) of CreateHK, HKSAR Government