The Avenue displays painted sculptures of 30 local comic characters in the height of 1.8 to 3 meters,

and bronze handprints of 10 distinguished local comic artists to demonstrate the special features of

Hong Kong comics for the older generation to recall their childhood memory of favourite

comic characters and for the younger generation to experience the uniqueness of Hong Kong comic culture.

Tourists may also learn more about the diversity of Hong Kong culture,

whilst the Kowloon Park is turned into another scenic spot of creativity.

In addition, exhibits on the history, achievements, production processes and the latest development of Hong Kong comics are also staged at the Avenue.


Sculptures of Comic Characters and Handprints of Comic Artists

Annual Celebration

An annual celebration with large-scale promotional activities was held in 2016 respectively.

The activities included demonstration of comic drawing and autograph session by comic artists, cosplay parade, etc.,

in order to further promote the Avenue.