Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark, the most representative figure in the Tiger Shark series, has a million self-destructive horsepower.

The crux of the story came when his ultimate move was used.

With too much power to bear, the move set its user’s body to blast.

The illustrator wished to express all feelings in life in one move.

Like it is said that a person reviews his entire life before his death, the self-destructing move unleashes all its users experience, feelings and life.  

Comic Artist - Wan Yat-leung

 Wan has been in the comic field over 20 years in pursuit of comic illustration career. Strongly influenced by films and comics around the world, he created many renowned titles with different skills. Better known ones include If I Were King, Black Leopard, as well as Tiger Shark and Warlord published by Ocean Creative Company Limited, a publishing house he founded. Wan is one of the most versatile comic artists in Hong Kong with a diverse genre profile. He and Tiger Shark were named best comic illustrator and best comics respectively by the media and readers.

Wan wishes his work would appeal to readers of different age groups and stimulate their interest in comics. He finds these are more meaningful compare with fame and fortune.